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Submit Applications for Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grants (Round 3) – Australia

Submit Applications for Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grants (Round 3) – Australia

Deadline: 08-Sep-20

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust is seeking applications for Round 3 of its 2020 grant program to encourage excellence and supporting a vibrant, world-class arts scene in Australia.

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The Cultural Trust supports applicants who can demonstrate both initiative and exceptional talent, together with an ability to convert their ambitions to reality. In particular, they are looking for well-researched and planned projects that make the most of the time spent overseas.

The Trust primarily provides support for structured professional development and networking opportunities overseas such as:

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Study tours which have a clear skills development focus
Private lessons
Conferences and festivals
The Trust may also consider supporting postgraduate study with a focus on professional development and artistic practice where no equivalent exists in Australia.

Funding Information

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The Cultural Trust offers grants up to $10,000 to assist talented emerging and early career artists to take up professional development opportunities, usually overseas.

Art Forms

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The Cultural Trust supports artists working across all art forms and disciplines, including but not limited to: animation, craft, dance, design, ceramics, experimental and interdisciplinary art, jewellery, land art, metalwork, moving image, multimedia, music, printmaking, sculpture, tapestry and theatre. They require applicants to classify their area of practice under ten broad headings for internal purposes, however if applicants practice area does not fit neatly into a category this does not mean applicants are ineligible. Please simply select the ‘Other’ category and specify applicants arts practice accordingly.

Community Arts
Conservation and Moveable Cultural Heritage
Craft (this includes jewellery, metalwork, tapestry, etc)
Design (this includes fashion, graphic design, etc)
Writing and Literature
Multimedia (this includes film, television, radio, moving image work, etc)
Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Eligibility Criteria

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The Trust’s key priority is supporting the career and professional development of emerging and early career artists. Grants are made to practising artists for professional development opportunities, usually overseas. In exceptional cases the Trustees may consider providing support for artists who do not fall into the emerging/early career category
Grant applicants must meet several criteria to be eligible for funding:
Grants are only available to Australian citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia
All applicants must demonstrate exceptional talent, initiative and passion for their work
Applicants must make a reasonable personal financial contribution to the project.

The Cultural Trust does not support:
Projects for which the sole purpose is an exhibition, performance or the making of a recording
Undergraduate degree courses overseas will not be considered for support
Postgraduate study being undertaken through an Australian institution
Applications which were previously declined by the Trust cannot be resubmitted.

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The Trustees are looking for well-researched overseas travel projects that demonstrate thorough planning, careful budgeting and offer the time and scope to gain maximum benefit from international experience.
Aside from international professional development programs, the Trust may also consider supporting:
The purchase of non-standard musical instruments or equipment
Costs of film-making for final year or post-grad film students
Professional development opportunities within Australia where no equivalent opportunities exist overseas.
To ensure the best chance of success we encourage applicants to:
Set out clear objectives for their project, and explain why this project will be of most benefit to them at this stage in their career development
Carefully plan their project to maximize opportunities for skills development and advancing career prospects
Provide an informed and detailed travel and project schedule
Provide a tight, detailed and well-researched budget for the duration of the project
Seek funding from other sources. These might include other trusts and foundations, scholarships and awards, service clubs, family or business
Make a financial contribution to the project themselves
Include work samples with your online application. A URL (website link) which directly links to where an example of your work may be read, viewed or heard is the preferred method for supplying support material.
For more information, visit https://www.ianpotterculturaltrust.org.au/apply-for-a-grant/

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