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Julia and Hans Rausing Trust seeking Applications for Charity Survival Fund (United Kingdom)

Julia and Hans Rausing Trust seeking Applications for Charity Survival Fund (United Kingdom)

Deadline: 27-Jul-2020

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust is seeking applications for the Charity Survival Fund. The Charity Survival Fund has been set up in response to Julia and Hans’ ongoing concern about Covid-19’s economic impact on charities.

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This £10m Fund will provide core funding to help charities, especially small and medium sized, to offset lost income in the current financial year.

They are also concerned about the economic impact the crisis is having, as emergency support is withdrawn from the economy: many charities are facing a precipitous drop in income at the same time as demand for their services increases. The second phase of their Covid-19 response is therefore about providing support to charities themselves, through the Charity Survival Fund.
A total of £10million is available to UK charities, to provide core funding to offset lost income and help support them through the impact of Covid-19. There is a particular interest in supporting small and medium sized charities, especially those not previously funded by the Trust.
Support is likely to be given to charities working within the Trust’s three areas of interest, as follows:
Health and Wellbeing: This includes charities working within the areas of disease and patient care; mental health and addiction recovery; disability, aged and palliative care.
Welfare and Education: This includes charities addressing poverty and disadvantage, especially in relation to young people; and also those working in areas such as food insecurity and criminal justice.
Arts and Culture: This includes charities working in the performing arts; independent (i.e. not local authority controlled) museums and galleries; heritage sites and historic buildings.
In addition to the above, priority will be given to charities that deliver frontline services and activities, rather than umbrella bodies, grant-giving bodies, conduit organisations or those where the main focus is on research.

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Funding Information

Charities may apply for grants up to the maximum indicated below, depending on charity size (measured by income). The level of grant awarded, if any, is at the discretion of Mr and Mrs Rausing. The minimum amount that may be applied for is £1,000.
Annual Income
Up to £20,000
£20,001 – £100,000
£100,001 – £250,000
£250,001 – £500,000
£500,001 – £5,000,000
Maximum Grant
Eligibility Criteria

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Applications must satisfy the following criteria:
The organisation must be a charity registered in the UK;
The beneficial area of the charity must be within the UK;
There must be appropriate governance and management structures in place, with a minimum of three unrelated board members;
Charities must be able to produce accounts on request (audited where required) for the previous two financial years;
Charities should not have been in unplanned deficit in either of the previous two financial years that predated the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK;
Charities must have experienced income loss (actual or predicted) in the current financial year (2020-2021) due to Covid-19;
Funding sought must be to support core costs of the charity in its usual work (though this may include revised ways of working due to Covid-19 and innovations/ learnings gained during lockdown, where the charity plans to continue these new ways of working). Funds should not be used for expansionary work, new initiatives, or capital projects.
Funding sought must be for use in the current financial year (2020-2021). Funds should not be put into reserves or set aside for longer term expenditure.
Charities must not have received other Covid-19 related funding from the Trust.
Charities must not hold a current unpaid (in full or in part) grant from the Trust.
Annual income must not be above £5,000,000 (calculated as average total income over the previous three financial years, excluding any year with reduced income due to Covid-19).
Schools, higher and further education institutions and local authority managed facilities (e.g. libraries, museums) are not eligible to apply
For more information, visit https://www.juliahansrausingtrust.org/charity-survival-fund/

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