Ghanaian Peacekeepers Donate Medicines For Children To Akuem Health Facility In Aweil East County

Peacekeepers from Ghana serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan have made a timely donation of twenty different kinds of medicines for children to the Akuem health facility in Aweil East County.

“These drugs will no doubt save lives, but much more is needed when it comes to maternal health. Some of our women die when they give birth because of complications, before they are able to reach the [main] hospital in Aweil,” said 55-year-old Achol Deng, a patient at the local hospital.

Peter Bol, Director of the facilities in Akuem, was also pleased with the peacekeepers’ initiative to procure vital medications in their home country Ghana and bringing them to South Sudan, but he pointed out that other important equipment is still sorely missed by his medical staff.

“As you can see, our doctors, nurses, midwives, cleaners and other personnel do not have face masks and other protective gear needed to stay safe from the Coronavirus,” he said, before making a keen appeal to the government and humanitarian partners to provide these missing items.

Major Edem Gamor, Deputy Commander of the Ghanaian contingent in Aweil, also spoke at the handover ceremony.

“We are convinced that these medications will be used in the best way possible,” he said, while reiterating that the peacekeeping mission will continue to support the people of South Sudan.

In mid-June this year, the same Ghanaian contingent made a similar donation to the Aweil Civil Hospital.

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