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CVC announces Small Grants to support Advocacy Campaigns – Suriname and Jamaica

CVC announces Small Grants to support Advocacy Campaigns – Suriname and Jamaica

Deadline: 24-Jul-20

The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) is pleased to announce funding for small grants to support Advocacy Campaigns inclusive of associated/related actions in support of key population groups, specifically women and girls, transwomen and men who have sex with Men.

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Areas of Interest

The campaign should focus on the the following general areas:

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To improve laws and policies focused on GBV and/or IPV or to promote the development of strong zero-tolerance policies
Strengthening the health sector’s response to GBV and IPV including: screening for abuse, risk assessment, providing medical care, counselling referrals to a network of service providers, and community-focused prevention initiatives.
To improve intersectoral coordination and monitor progress in developing national plans and policies on violence – creates commitment and political space for dialogue between civil society and the state e.g. score cards
Development of community-based networks for coordinating services to victims, improving access to justice and promoting violence prevention – to enhance the quality of care provided to survivors, and help mobilize public support for survivors and decrease tolerance of violent behaviour e.g. coordination meetings
Community-based educational activities to:
increase knowledge of legal and social rights and empower persons to seek help for abuse; and
promote community-wide changes in attitudes and practices related to gender norms and violence-related attitudes and behaviors against select KP groups.
Social media campaigns designed to document disseminate and promote services for survivors of GBV and IPV provided through multi-sectoral initiatives include telephone hotlines, emergency shelters, police intervention, legal assistance, counselling, psychological care, support groups, income-generation programmes etc.
Funding Information

Each organization in Jamaica may apply for an award of maximum US$4000 to support project-related costs for up to two (2) months.
Each organization in Suriname may apply for an award of maximum US$4500 to support project-related costs for up to two (2) months Allocations for salaries, stipends, incentives and overheads should not exceed 40% of the total budget for the grant.
Eligibility Criteria

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Civil Society Organizations serving key populations that are based in Suriname and Jamaica.

Review Process

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All proposals will be considered and reviewed by a Committee, which will take into account the organization’s past grant performance and proposal for strengthening or expanding its current work.
Project proposals will be reviewed and scored against the criteria outlined below:
Relevance: Are objectives based on good evidence as to which kinds of intervention are most effective? Does the project target a clear population or sub-population? (e.g. transgender sex workers, as opposed to sex workers in general)
Efficiency: Are available financial and other resources (including collaboration and resource-sharing with partners and volunteer contributions of labour, expertise and material) being used to good advantage? Does the project use resources creatively and get the biggest “bang for the buck?”
Sustainability: Does the proposal identify how the project’s outcomes/outputs will be sustained in the future, beyond CVC support?
Rights-focused: Is the project rights-based? Does it promote the human rights of vulnerabilised groups? Does it make reference to the international human rights framework?
Leverage: Will this grant result in outside support or government buy-in?
Strength of plan and measurable outcomes: Does the proposal have a clearly defined plan of action with measurable outcomes for success?
Documentation: Does this proposal include a reasonable plan for communicating the project’s successes and the lessons learned?
Partnerships/Collaborations: Does the project reflect collaboration between multiple groups, especially those with different levels of capacity and expertise including government?
Requirements & Restrictions

CVC seeks to support quality and accountable programs. Therefore, all organizations funded through this grant-process will be required to provide monthly, mid-term and final reports, and will be required to utilize the community web-based M&E platform and database designed by CVC specifically for its partners.
Organizations should be able and ready to document appropriate financial and accounting controls, including measures to prevent duplicated use or misappropriation of funds. PANCAP/CVC/COIN will provide close technical support and financial oversight of all mini-grants awarded.
For more information, visit https://www.cvccoalition.org/blog/call-proposals-mini-grants-support-advocacy-campaigns-focused-reducing-incidence-and-impact

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