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Cultural Service Grant Program (CSGP) 2021-2022 – United States

Cultural Service Grant Program (CSGP) 2021-2022 – United StatesDeadline: 2-Mar-21The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville is accepting applications for the Cultural Service Grant Program (CSGP) 2021-22 to provide public support to organizations that contribute to the cultural quality of life of Jacksonville’s residents.Download Ebooks on How to Raise Funds and more!Sample ProposalsDeadline-Free GrantsGrants MapDeadline CalendarUnlimited Donor Search PowerSpecific Grant Alerts in Your Email InboxThe Premium Grants DatabaseEarly Grant Information for NGOsFor organizations not currently funded through CSGP, completing the Letter of Intent (LOI) is a mandatory prerequisite to completing the full application for the 2021-2022 Cultural Service Grant Program. Organizations currently-funded through CSGP must complete an abbreviated version of the LOI to ensure that they have maintained eligibility for CSGP for 2021-2022.The purpose of the Letter of Intent is to:Signal the organization’s intention to apply to CSGPDetermine eligibility for applicant organizationsGather essential information and documentationInform the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville’s request for funding to the City of Jacksonville for the Cultural Service Grant Program.Funding InformationUSD 1 MILLION Grants for Innovative Solutions to combat Water ScarcityClimate Fund to alleviate energy poverty in Developing CountriesThis Request for Applications is open to strengthening the Economic Development EffortsGrants for African CSOs to implement activities in SGBV, SRHR, HP, and VAWGSmall Research Grants for the improvement of educationThis grant-making trust inviting Charities to help Socially Disadvantaged Groups during COVID-19Support available for NGOs working on social innovation, inclusiveness and sustainabilityAdvocacy grants to strengthen the voice of communities and grassroots activistsUSD $250,000 to $2 million funding available for each selected partner to address Covid-19 impact in select countriesFunding provided through capital support for community development projectsEndowment Funding of € 25,000 for young people fighting for freedomSmall Grant Fund for protecting endangered animal speciesGrant program for transforming women’s lives for hard to fund projectsSeed Funding for Youth-led Organisations: Invitation to Submit ProposalsGrant Opportunity to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and Future PandemicsBy completing the Grant Request and Match Worksheet and providing additional budget documentation, an applicant must be able to show that it can support a minimum grant award of $5,000 with at least 76 percent of its operating revenue derived from sources other than CSGP.Evidence of match should be based on three years of actual financial results.Agencies not currently funded use IRS Form 990s reflecting the past three years as documentation.Eligibility CriteriaIn order to be eligible for funding an organization must meet the following criteria.The organization must be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code.The organization must be a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the Secretary of State under F.S. Ch. 617.The organization must operate in Duval County.At the time of application, the organization must have been in existence as a Florida Corporation for at least three years and must have three years of filed tax returns.The organization shall have a broad base of community representation in management and membership. The members of the board of directors shall not receive any compensation for their service as directors, but they may be reimbursed for actual monetary expenditures on behalf of the organization. The corporate charter or by-laws shall provide a method of selection of the board of directors which will periodically subject the directors to the possibility of replacement by other qualified persons. The membership of the organization shall be open to as large a portion of the public as possible, subject to such nondiscriminatory conditions and qualifications for membership as may be imposed by the corporate charter or by-laws; provided that this requirement shall not be construed so as to prevent or prohibit an organization from having different classes of membership with different conditions and qualifications for admission and different relative rights, privileges and duties.If the organization is a previous recipient of a City Grant or a Cultural Service Grant, the organization must have submitted all required reports for previous grants.At least 76 percent of the organizations operating revenue or support shall be derived from sources other than this program.The organization shall provide services or activities which benefit or are made available to a broad range of the people of the City and shall be offered on a nondiscriminatory basis to those people.The organization must as its primary function present, sponsor, exhibit or otherwise offer for public consumption programs or activities in any one or combination of the following disciplines: historic preservation/restoration, arts in education, music, dance, folk arts, humanities, literature, film/video/media, theater and musical theater, visual arts, or collections or exhibits of historical, archeological, scientific or ethnic artifacts, handiwork or objects.For more information, visit https://www.culturalcouncil.org/cultural-service-grant-program1.html

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