BoG Welcomes GOIL Initiative To Use GOIL/Gh-Link Card For Fuel Buying

As the Coronavirus damage persists, the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) has been innovative enough to initiate a cashless system of payment at all its GOIL fuel stations.

The move allows customers to use the “GOIL/gh-link Card to make payments.

The initiative is meant to deal with fuel attendants and customers coming into close contacts particularly through the payment of cash.

It is against this background that the Bank of Ghana has praised the initiative and commended GOIL.

Mr Setor Amekudzi, Head of BoG Payment Systems who gave the commendation said digitisation brings many benefits and can help scale up access to financial services at point of salesL.

He said over time images of cheques facilitated clearing; even as electronic payment developed with debit and credit cards being initially issued by banks.

“Today, this has changed considerably and the payment systems space has grown to include many non-bank actors, including telecommunication companies and financial technology firms and the entering downstream petroleum players.

Financial digitization has unleashed a wave of financial products and services at minimum cost to meet current business demands for financial services especially under the current COVID-19 era,’ Mr Amekudzi stated at the launch of GOIL/gh-link Partnership “gh-link Card usage on GOIL point of sales devices”.

Mr Kwamena Bartels, Board Chairman of GOIL classified the project as a major step forward in GOIL’s digitization drive towards satisfying the needs of all segments its customers.

“This is one of our value propositions at GOIL- resolving not to leave any customer behind,” he said.

Mr Bartels said the digital product which involves a collaboration principally between GOIL and Ghana Inter-bank Payment System (GHIPPS) as well as other banks is in line with the national digitization drive being spearheaded by the Vice-President.

“We are therefore proud to be part of it, and importantly, to take the lead among Oil Marketing Companies to be connected to this Ghana link project and assured the Ghana Inter-bank and payment systems, GHIPPS that GOIL will see to the fruition of this partnership for our mutual benefit,” he said.


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